“My new garage door looks amazing. Courtesy of Rocky Mountain Garage Door Service, Inc . Alex and Jose were the technicians who came and fitted it well. They called before their arrival and told me what they would do. The service was excellent and If there were six stars they would have hit that, too! . I will prefer them to anyone and use them next time.”
– Terry Lawrence
“Love these guys! We are a local roofing company in Northglenn and used them to do a unique garage replacement, and they were so professional and the staff is so kind and always had the best communication! highly recommend using these guys. We will use them on all of our garage projects.”
– Above All Consultants
“The spring on my garage door snapped and I called 3 different companies. This company is family owned and provided the best pricing out of the 3 other companies that I called. OC and Brad came out and went above and beyond fixing my door and did everything they needed to do to fix it that day. The price was more than reasonable and I have no problem passing along this company information to any of my friends that may need garage door repairs or replacements.”
– Power Case
“These guys are pros! Quality installation and warranty their work. Great color match to the house. Took time to explain the features and offered to come back if there are any issues which I do not anticipate. I highly recommend Rocky Mountain Garage Door!”
– Jananne Settle
“I called the guy (I didn’t catch his name) and rather than come out and take my money for a service call he talked me through a few steps and even offered me a free part to diagnose my problem. It turns out it was a simple fix and I didn’t need him to come out. I will however call them again when I have work that needs to be done. You should too.”
– David Steen
“A very strange noise of metal on metal screeched and my garage door wouldn’t open any further than ten or so inches; it sounded bad, really bad. I called Rocky Mountain on a referral from a gal at work, they promised to come that afternoon. Only an hour later they asked if they could come early! When Bradley showed up he looked like he expected the worst. Well the darn thing didn’t look bad so we tried it and it worked! But he persisted in his investigation and found that the manual lock bar had been slid over and got caught as the door rose. How that bar got moved is a mystery, but he just told me I have an old unit, a replacement unit would cost $339, or around there, and that I should have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess where I put their sticker and who I will call when I get the new opener???? Thank you!”
– Roxanne Lindeman
“I’ve been serviced by these guys for well over a decade and they’ve come out the same day I called for their help. Seems like about every 2-3 years my garage door decides to act up with something new every time. First a broken spring, then the electronic door opener goes on the fritz, then the wheels and bearings freeze up, then years later another different broken spring, hope I didn’t jinx myself it’s been about 3 years since the last visit. These guys are reasonable and don’t try to gouge you either.”
– Michael Ratliff
“My first time dealing with a broken garage spring, the service was friendly and awesome. At my house in 2 hours after calling, 30 min to fix, and at a great price.”
– Sean Melick