Common Garage Door Repairs a Professional Can Help With

Your garage door is an important part of your home, which is why it can be frustrating when yours doesn’t work as you need it to, Fortunately you can rely on a technician to help you. Some of the most common situations that our team at Rocky Mountain Garage Door Service can assist with in particular include:

1. Door Not Closing

From sensor issues to problems with the wheel track, a technician will do a full evaluation to determine what’s preventing your door from opening like you need it to. Fortunately with their expertise and training, they should be able to evaluate and repair the issue quickly.

2. Door Making Loud or Odd Noises

Strange noises can be caused by something as simple as the need for lubricant on the track. However, in situations where those simple remedies do not work, it’s crucial to call in a professional. They will inspect your door to determine if the track needs to be repaired in order to begin functioning properly again.

3. Broken or Deteriorated Springs

It’s never recommended to try and replace or repair your own spring doors, as this can lead to damage and be incredible dangerous. It take a smart, skilled, and trained technician to remove these and replace them in the safest manner possible.

4. Uneven Door

This is an issue that can be caused from broken springs or a wide variety of other issues, which is why it’s so beneficial to have the help of a technician. They’ll do the repairs that are necessary to get your door even and closing properly again.

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